What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is an ancient Christian practice in which one person helps another grow in his/her awareness and response to the presence and leading of God in his/her life.

There are many reasons one might seek out a spiritual director:

  • when one is looking for “more” in one’s relationship to God
  • in times of transition or discernment
  • when one is seeking support for one’s own soul’s growth
  • during a difficult period when it is hard to see God
  • through a nudging of the Spirit
  • in the desire to serve with authenticity and integrity
  • when seeking a safe space to talk about matters of faith
  • when one is longing to grow in one’s sense of spiritual authority and strength

In spiritual direction, you will come to know God – and yourself – better. You will discover or re-discover your own unique ways of praying, and connect again with that which is most precious to you in your life of faith. You will find ways to refresh and care for your own soul, and learn how to walk through hard times with integrity – and sanity!

In the words of the shorter version of the Westminster Catechism, our chief end in life is to “glorify God and enjoy God forever.”  Spiritual direction is one path to finding and living out your heart’s deepest desires…and coming home again, sometimes in new ways.